What if I told you that there is, indeed, an antidote to this frenetic pace we are all trying to keep? A balm for the heartache and weariness that is a side-effect of these times we’re living in?

What if I also told you that it’s free and always available to you, no matter where you find yourself or what your circumstances are?

We were created to live the ebb and flow, to feel tied to the moon in ways that blur the lines between her and us; we are intrinsically part of the greater wonder that moves the tides of life.

Mothering with the Moon Framework edited.png

Life is a a series of transitions all strung together to weave our stories. We can be relentlessly prodded by alerts, buzzes, beeps, schedules and deadlines, but all too often that leaves us depleted and yearning.

There’s another way to navigate the constant movement of life, the ebb and flow, that at the very least makes our busy lives more fun and holds the potential to connect us deeply to the rhythms of all things.

I’ve been creating away and I’m excited to share this supportive, yet powerful, conversation about connecting to the natural rhythms of life for more meaning, comfort, and ease inside the daily nitty-gritty while strengthening ourselves for living in these times.

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I’m excited to share more in the coming moons.