Are you ready for a shift in your parenting, relationships, life, and connection? Feeling the call to deepen, but not sure how that looks or where to begin?

Private mentoring is your opportunity to work one on one with me as we journey deeply into your desires for life and relationships.


My experience of life is so much brighter and more detailed now, the darker colors seem darker and the lighter feel lighter, my feet are more firmly on the ground.

Kyra L.


Due to my own mothering practice and group mentoring schedule, I only have space for a small handful of private clients each year.

To determine if we are meant to journey together, and if private mentoring is the right jumping off place for you, please share a bit about what’s on your heart in the form below.

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I found my power and I don’t need to stay in a situation that isn’t serving me; isn’t working for me.

Sarah F.