You’ve likely found your way here because a shift is calling. You know in your bones there must be a way to enjoy this journey with your people more; a way to step off the hamster wheel of constant go-go and feel more aligned and present, but you’re not sure how - only that more of the same isn’t the answer.

Your heart is aching for the personal reserves to show up for yourself and your family with presence and practical skills to meet them where they’re at; be that a toddler tantrum, the deep feelings of your highly sensitive child or the jungle of your teen’s digital world.

If you trust it is, indeed, possible to shift your current dynamic for the better, but you’re not quite sure how and you’re done going it alone…

…you’re right.

And we’re stronger together.

Through foundational relationship building skills + supportive core routines + energetic connection practices, our work together will elevate you to a new place in your life and parenting.

My work is dedicated to building deeper connections; relationships that are built on the foundation of being “in this together” rather than struggling to have control-over. From there - everything shifts.

No matter where you are in your journey, parenting littles or teens, it’s not too late to begin.

Take my hand, let’s get started.



Family Foundations

Are you looking to build, or strengthen, your family's foundation?  No matter how old your children are, now is the time to invest in your connection.  This is for you if you want to be on the same team as a family, have clear communication tools, meaningful boundaries and a values-based method of navigating all the ages and stages ahead.  This course is about building relationships, consciously cultivating your family culture, and raising kind, emotionally intelligent, embodied, humans!

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Sage Mothering

Ready to compost the chaos and be present for what really matters? This is our year-long journey for women who dare to drop into their most grounded, connected, powerful-self, as woman and mother.  Deepen your sacred practice of mothering with an intimate group of women by your side.  We are stronger together.  Sage Mothering is about leadership, mothering, relationships, self evolution, natural rhythms, deep connection and more.


Private Mentoring 

Private mentoring allows us to go deeply into your unique situation. I am here to hold space for your dreams and be a partner in seeing them become a reality of your daily life.  Private mentoring is for parents, parenting partners and professional parent coaches.