A twelve-month journey to help you compost the chaos of modern life.
emerge well rooted - present for what matters most to you.


I see you.

You’re juggling so much, doing all the things to keep their very world spinning day after day. You’re working hard, mama, and there’s something beckoning you beyond this, a way of being that’s calling you.

Again and again, women come to me and tell me that they are yearning for the same things.

A safe space to compost the chaos of your modern life–– the chaos that threatens to pull you away from your deepest self –– and transform it into deep roots and vibrant presence.

A circle of wise women, kindred spirits who hold your hand on the hardest days, who have your back and who will celebrate with you always.

A homecoming of sacred support for your journey through mothering and life.

Sage Mothering is the journey that has been calling to your soul. The gathering whispering under the pulse of your heartbeat, the path forward your spirit has been looking for.

Join us as we circle together for twelve full months, in an earth-based and rhythm-tied journey that unfolds in sync with the phases of the moon, completing a full journey around the sun together in a safe, supportive circle of kindred women.



I love the tools Mariah gave us in Sage Mothering, they are helping me to own my feelings and ask for what I want now that I have the language. Hot damn, this is liberating.

~ Kristie T.


"Sage Mothering creates a container, a safe place where we can express ourselves, tools to ground us to a place where we can journey through our work as a group. It puts us all on the same page and helps create connection amongst our sister mamas.

~Kyla G.



Dearest Mama,

You are the barometer of your family’s pressure system. You sense the highs and the lows, adjust and shift and maintain the equilibrium. Some days, it might feel as if this is all you do.

But mama, you are so much more than this. You are the center of the ecosystem - the whole weather system.  

Do you feel the magnitude of this? The vitally important space you hold? You are the one who sets the tone, who brings the rain and the sunshine, the crashing , and the peaceful calm. You are the wind that powers the ship AND the captain guiding the boat.

You take care of all the little-unseen details that keep everything on course and the larger things that are necessary to keep the journey on track.

You keep their whole world spinning. Every day.

Mama, I'm in total awe of you.

Yes, I know that this can feel like massive pressure, a slippery slope that you visit far too easily. The space of ‘what am I doing wrong?’, or ‘why can’t I be the calm instead of the storm?” or in the darkest 3am moments crying and wondering ‘how am I ever going to figure out how to fix this before it’s too late?’

Take another deep breath with me now. All the way to your belly. All the way to your toes. All the way to the center of this universe you are holding together. Find the pause in the center of your breath and hear this:

I'm not here to add to your to-do list with one more empty promise that aims at fixing, perfecting and making the chaos of modern life more efficient, but actually just gives you more to handle, more to do, more to be responsible for.

Sage Mothering is the antidote to that idea that you just need to do or buy or change one more thing or jump through hoops to “fix” yourself to make everything better.

I want to give you the gift of that pause you found in the center of your breath.

I want you to know that you too deserve nurturing and safe space.

I want to remind you of how much YOU matter and to let you know that I see how often you have underestimated how essential your own wellbeing is to the health of all.

Close your eyes and imagine:

What is possible if you truly owned the magnitude of the role you play and the woman you are?

What could unfold if you were given the support that helps you keep your ship on course, your anchor deep and your sails filled?

What would change if you were so supported and held that you could bring that well rooted presence to your family, and to the world?

What might be possible?  What could become? What would change?


Sage Mothering is a pattern reset, an invitation into belonging, a space of calm inside the storm, and this is your invitation.



Sage mothering opened me up to recognize what I wanted for myself and helped me define our family values. I can honestly say that I am living my best life right now and I am showing the kids how to be strong and how to be happy.

~Kelly R.



Do you recognize yourself in the truth of these words?

If you do, Sage Mothering was created for you:

  • You are, first and foremost, a profoundly devoted mother, and also a healer in your own right.

  • Yet you’re not as present for your children as you know you could be, and you’re searching for resiliency and peace in wild times.

  • You’re one part mystic, one part professional and every part loving mama, but you’re a whole lot stretched thin and feeling more than a little upside down because of the demands of everyday life.

  • You’re a mover and a shaker (yes, even if you move and shake in your own quiet way),

  • You have dedicated so much time and energy to learning practices to deepen your relationships, your self-awareness, and your energy-alchemy, but you find yourself falling back into old patterns of disconnection under the constant pressures and demands of life.

  • You hear a distant inner drumbeat, calling you to circle in a safe space of women like you, to bring your own sacred wisdom to the table and to absorb the wisdom of others seeks a path to an aligned life.

  • You are seeking a way to be more grounded and present with your children, yet also desire that they see you living the fullness of your own life as a woman, beyond your role as caregiver.

  • You are ready to root deeply, to dive into the waters of inquiry, to circle inward and trust in your own evolution. You’re ready to savor the sweetness of now in all it’s raw glory.

  • You know it is time to embrace your voice and your power, call in your long-awaited community, and live more and more in tune with the cycles of nature.

You are a Sage Mother. And we have been waiting for you.



Before Sage Mothering I really struggled with how to handle these mothering things without going into my own childhood triggers, I felt lost as to how to manifest what was really in my heart. I’d been playing mom's program of martyrdom - giving and giving until I burst. Sage mothering helped me stop that generational energetic chaos for good. I now feel like I'm on the right path to my ultimate goal of  relationship with my adult children."

~Hanna M.


Sometimes we need someone to believe for us when it seems the chrysalis is still too inflexible to release the butterfly. Mariah’s heart is so wide with love that I can't help but make the leap into flight.

~ Shelley Triggs, LMFT


Through Sage Mothering You Will:

  • Gain precious clarity and vital presence that can be offered to the people who matter the most through the creation of sacred daily practice.

  • Create healthy, loving and compassionate boundaries and strengthen your communication skills.

  • Sink in and ground yourself deeply in the natural rhythms of life and nature, clearing through the stuck or triggering spaces and create a much-wanted sense of freedom and ease.  

  • Improve family dynamics and craft a deeply connected and nurturing relationship with your children, partner, and the world.

  • Shift into recognizing the magnitude and value of your role in the family, and learn to honor yourself through nurturing and care.

  • Receive permission to do things differently, to drop layers of conditioning and messaging absorbed from your parents, from the rulebooks, from what the rest of the world tells you and to rewire conscious patterns.

  • Gain vital confidence in yourself, your voice and your importance to your family and the universe.

  • Develop a kinder, more empathetic, more instinctive natural response to the triggers of mothering and life, creating a true legacy of love for your children.  

  • Join a circle of close-knit, kindred souls focused on conscious and mindful mothering, a circle that offers uplifting and accountability, a safe haven in the most stormy seas.   

  • Enter a space of genuinely courageous and intentional living where the focus is on self-care, greater alignment the rhythm of the natural world and with your own purpose and desires.



"Sage Mothering helped me see what I really want in my relationship with my daughter and how our relationship affects how she will relate to the world, all the way through adulthood. I’ve learned that love and forgiveness for my whole self is an essential part of the practice of parenting, and how I don't have to hide my "inner gypsy" to be a good mom."

~Janice D.



How the Journey Unfolds:


Our journey unfolds over a full trip around the sun, allowing us to travel together on a journey tied to the wheel of the seasons and the rhythms of the moon.

In the process of deepening our relationship to the natural rhythms of life, we discover greater meaning and more profound ease, allowing us to walk through life in a newly remembered way.

Autumn block.jpg

Autumn ~ Cleanse:

We begin and end in the West, Autumn, the season of preparation and release, harvesting and gratitude. Gathering the goods to sustain us, dropping anything that no longer serves; this is a season of perennial root growth.

Hunter's Moon ~ Squirreling:

We are making preparations for the journey ahead, engaging in practices that anchor us well, building our altars, getting clear on what needs to be set down. We are honoring our ancestors and embracing grief as a healer.

Mourning Moon ~ Falling Leaves:

As Mother Nature releases, so do we. Readying for the dream time to come, engaging intentions from the long arc perspective of our lives, making conscious winter celebration plans and engaging the transformative relationship of thanksgiving.

Long-night Moon ~ Hearth Fires:

Entering the long-night moon, we engage permission to be more still, to nourish and reflect on what is past and to dream a good dream for what is to come. This is an essential time of renewal.


Winter ~ Connect:

Winter invites us to pay extra attention to our innermost rings - spirit, self, and family. Our modern lives of non-stop doing, artificial lights and devices allows little time for the meaningful pause we actually require to live and create with clarity - together we will push back and carve out what is needed for nourishment here in the winter moons.


Wolf Moon ~ Mothering with the Moon:

Deepening our practice of living with the Moon rhythms for maximum support in all we do.

Storm Moon~ Aligned Life Navigation:

Emerging from a phase of dreaming a good dream and syncing with supportive rhythms of life, we are creating the systems and navigational tools that will help us live and deepen into an aligned life for all the seasons to come. This is a powerful phase, as Storm Moon would suggest.

Crow Moon ~ Raising Voice:

Here we are engaging our boundaries practice, honoring needs, working the edges of our communication skills, honoring our "no" to honor our "yes," raising ourselves, raising our children. Our voice is needed now more than ever. Unabashed Crow guides the way.


Spring block.jpg

Spring ~ Create

The season of spring brings a burst of energy, new beginnings, the direction of East –– daybreak –– a new beginning. We embody the energy of creation here, moving forward with the deep roots of the past seasons supporting the new growth.


Sprouting Grass Moon~ Pulling Weeds, Planting Seeds:

Crafting the rhythms that hold us; the choreography of daily life. Identify what's most important through a new lens and engage that first through core routines –– the practices of negating the chaos and living from our deep roots.

Corn Planting Moon ~ Village Building:

The loss of village life seems especially painful for the mothering women and children, with ripples far-reaching - here we are creating what we can with what we have for fruitful modern lives; weaving a community basket to hold us.

Strawberry Moon ~ Play:

Looking towards summer, preparing for more connection through play, adventure, nature, and exploration as family. A family that plays together stays together.


Summer block.jpg

Summer ~ Congruence

Here in the South, the energy of summer is outward facing, long warm days of expansion, tending, growing, play and exploration. During this season we see the fruits of our dreams and seeds planted earlier coming into full bloom. This is the time in our journey we are checking for congruence, learning to ask: "are my dreams, intentions, and harvest aligned?"


Thunder Moon ~ Congruence:

Walking with the creative and expansive energy of the thunder beings, we are learning a practice of checking for congruence to be used in all areas of life, activating the body’s wisdom to guide us, exploring sacred questions, quests, and divine guidance.

Sturgeon Moon ~ Nourish:

Our moon of sacred pause, a time to amplify pleasure, recharge, be extra present with our people before the new school year is upon us.

Harvest Moon ~ Harvest:

It is said that we must truly give thanks for our blessings and prayers answered for them to be ours to embody - this last moon phase finds us wrapping the bundle on our journey, harvesting, feasting in gratitude for all the prayers answered during the previous twelve moons together.



Dearest mama,

You have all the answers inside of you. You know you do. And yet you struggle to step outside the swirl of modern life. Your days are filled with busyness and distractions. It can feel impossible to find enough quiet space and stillness to allow your own magic to bloom. To move into a relationship with your life that nourishes you and will enable you to grow and expand. To alchemize that chaos, clearing the clouds that stand in the way of engaging with the deeper layers of yourself, your family and your life.

Take a deep breath right now with me. Feel the expansiveness and relief spread throughout your body. For so long you have been searching for a circle of women to call home. Space to expand into the fullness of your gifts and presence. An invitation to use the tools you have collected along the way to truly transform your relationship with your family, yourself and the world.

Sage Mothering is, at its heart, a love letter to you. So, if what you have discovered on this page made your breath slow for a moment and feel a little deeper, or you leaned forward in a quiet longing, or you felt yourself nodding your head in recognition of feeling seen and known, this journey was made for you.

I invite you to step into yourself, as the mother and woman you already are and the one you are in the process of becoming.  I invite you to step into our sacred Sage Mothering circle.




Sage Mothering Details:


The journey begins: December 8th, 2018. First welcome call on Monday, December 10th, 2018.

How we gather: we gather live, via video conference, for a virtual women's circle and group coaching session aimed at nourishing you deeply.

When we gather: we gather twice monthly and all sessions are recorded for those who are not able to attend live, though real-time participation is most potent.

Office hours: Weekly office hours for as needed live Q&A via phone - offered on the weeks we do not gather in Zoom circle.


How we maintain connection: we maintain connection in our private Facebook group (not required) between Zoom circles and office hours.

Energetic investment: we have given considerable attention to designing a journey that does not add more clutter to your life, but delivers the practices and nuggets of gold and connection that best serve. Sage Mothering is designed to help you compost the chaos so you can be present for what really matters. You will get the most out of this journey when you give yourself permission to attend our twice monthly virtual circle - live or via recording.



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your sage mothering guide:

This is where I could share a list of my credentials and accolades, certificates and accomplishments, the typical third-person bio that we’re all used to. Instead, I want to tell you the story that really matters, the story of my own becoming as a mother.

Giving birth to my firstborn son was a powerful rite of passage.  A mama-bear was also born that day, as was a commitment to finding a path consistent with my heart’s sense of possibility. I didn’t yet have the language for that possibility, but I began the quest, as we all do, with my mama-heart as my guide.

Like all journeys, mine had many bumps and trials along the way.  Sometimes it was downright messy, others, I doubted my ability to guide my sweet family as we weathered the many storms of life. Through it all, I was guided by my deepest desire: to not settle for anything less than a fantastic relationship with my children. I knew that this journey was too short and too precious to squander.

Even in my moments of doubt, I held tightly to a tenacious belief that more was possible, this belief was the fuel for my fire. Along the way, I found the teachers and tools I needed to get me where I knew I needed to go. It is these teachings and tools that I offer to you inside our year-long Sage Mothering journey.

13 years (and a whole lot of training, trial and error later) it is my sacred work to guide mothers like you who are not willing to settle for less. Mothers who know that more and deeper is possible, even in our sometimes messy, modern lives.

Together we do the work of cultivating YOUR  legacy of love, a legacy that will bring more joy and love to each moment in the here and now AND reach many generations into the future.



"I LOVE Mariah's integrity, earth-mama-ness, and her fierceness when it comes to prioritizing our kids and supporting parents to create a more peaceful world!"

~ Leslie R


"Mariah touches me with the way she speaks, and I know it's because it's so pure and so deep. Her intention shines so clearly that it just goes straight home to my heart!! Thank you, Mariah, for shining a light for me."

~ Maatla S.