A journey for mothers: merging conscious parenting with the divine feminine; crafting a daily life of rhythm.


Dearest Women,

I see you. I see us…running our sacred beings wild-ragged with all the go-go, never truly pausing - just keeping up with the demands of our modern lives.

There’s a collective aching to feel the heartbeat of the Earth in our bones, to wax and wane with the tides of inner and outer.

Do you feel it too?

A knowing that there’s more than this linear existence that leaves little room for pause, renewal, inspiration or congruence, and yet, in its chaotic busyness threatens, also, to lull us to sleep with monotony.

We crave deeper meaning; yearn to wear sacred on the inside, to feel our wild selves tied to the rhythms of something much bigger than we are.

In the hustle of keeping up, raising kiddos, running the business, rocking the career, we are bombarded with alerts, alarms, bright lights and screens - always on. And it’s taking a toll on all aspects of our lives, from health and relationships to happiness and contribution.


There’s a longing, perhaps it’s tugging at your heartstrings, whispering on the breezes - it’s time to remember the flow of our days in a way that nourishes body, mind and spirit. To connect deeply with that which breathes us, courses through our veins, and explains the inexplicable when we are willing to listen.


What if I told you there is, indeed, an antidote to this frenetic pace we are all trying to keep? A balm for the heartache and weariness that is a side effect of these times we’re living in?

What if I also told you that it’s free and always available to you, no matter where you find yourself or what your circumstances are?

Grandmother Moon is our guide to a life of deeper rhythm within our modern context. There’s no need to run for the hills, divorce your life, or become a nature sprite — nope, you can learn to infuse your everyday life with more meaning and rhythm that nourishes - right here and now.

Mothering With The Moon illuminates a powerful, cyclically-predictable, pattern of life that will help hold you, and your family, in these challenging, turning-times.



Mothering With The Moon



How the journey unfolds


Our journey unfolds over the course of one lunar cycle, during which time we will tap into the map that guides the healthy rhythms that carry you, as a sovereign woman, and hold and nourish your whole family.

Cleanse (2).png

The beauty of working with the rhythms of nature is that we are given another chance, again, and again, each time we come around to the same place in the cycle. Here we are building more conscious awareness of releasing, setting down, composting, making space for new growth. In the Cleanse module we explore the energies of the last quarter moon, practices of cleansing and preparation for the upcoming new moon.


We tend to over-value the linear, more solar energies of productivity, schedules and busyness as a metric of success - to the detriment of our lives and environment. As an antidote the New Moon delivers an opportunity to pause and simply be, rest and rejuvenate so that we may begin again. Without renewal practices in place, we carry unnecessary burdens past their time. The Pause module brings forward the often ignored, potent-energies of the dark moon phase. We’ll look at how to pause without abdicating our responsibilities in a modern world, what’s stopping us from claiming pause and how to shift that. We’ll collectively heart-storm a treasure trove of rituals for including the whole family in daily and cyclical moments of pause for well-being.



As we emerge from the darkness of the new moon we are given an opportunity to reconnect with the larger context of life: Spirit, nature, our guiding values, purpose and desire. We begin this first quarter with intention, the planting of seeds, setting our sights on what’s to come. In the Connect module we begin (or iterate forward) a practice of setting intentions, learn to nurture them and track their growth with the lunar cycles and seasons. We discuss how this is done as a sovereign woman as well as how to go about this as a family practice.


The collective energy is growing with the light of the moon. In this module we identify the waxing energy within all the cycles and seasons of our lives, be that daily, weekly, each lunar cycle, a full trip around the sun and even within the context of our lives. We will begin tapping into our own personal relationship to these growing energies and how to work with them to co-create the most aligned and ease-filled experience.



As the moonlight in the night sky expands so does our natural creative capacity. In the Create module we harness the energies of the second quarter moon, nurture the seeds that were planted in the previous quarter, continue to track our intentions, identifying where this energy presents itself on a daily basis inside family life and how to work with it best to move everyone forward in the most aligned way.


The fullness of Grandmother Moon illuminates, she offers us an opportunity to see clearly what needs to be seen. In this module we are at the halfway point in our lunar journey, it’s a time of asking the good questions of ourselves, about the seeds we planted, what we’ve nurtured and what we haven’t. Seeing in this light what wants to be seen, pruned, or brought to harvest. We cover fun family rituals for celebrating the full moon together; weaving new strands of connection into the fabric of your cyclical journey.



Proceeding out of alignment through life in big and small ways eventually leads us to a state of dis-ease, feeling like we’ve lost our way. As we round the corner and begin to spiral back inward we are offered the opportunity to check for congruence. In this module we will touch on when and how to check for congruence, how to work with our moon map to stay aligned. Tools for communicating our needs and boundaries, as a pathway to more congruence, will also be touched on during this third quarter moon.


Ahhh….exhale, the energies of the waning moon are found throughout our everyday, every lunar cycle, every trip around the sun…. It’s the time of release. Within the Waning Module we are learning to know these energies and our unique dance with them. We are looking at how to best utilize the waning energies for deeper family connection, rejuvenation and predictability inside a wild-world.



Connected rhythm is your path to a life infused with more meaning, belonging, ease and grace. When you begin to align more with lunar time, and the natural rhythms of our everyday life, you will experience less friction in your family transitions, a deeper well of inspiration, a feeling of trust in the predictability of the waxing and waning that is breathing your everyday.

Mothering With The Moon is here to guide your personal lunar practice and provide practical real-life methods and strategies for infusing your daily family life with more supportive rituals and rhythms that help hold the fabric of your days in a meaningful way.


join us for mothering with the moon:


When: Mothering with the Moon begins September, 21st.

What: A journey to more rhythm, sanity, connection and belonging taking place over one full lunar cycle to support you in optimal navigation of life and mothering.

Where: From the comfort of wherever life finds you. Via your inbox, online classroom and phone or video (your choice) conference call.

How: You will receive eight lesson modules, synced with the moon phases. We will gather live, via Zoom conference call, four times during this lunar cycle to share wisdom, create community and deepen our lunar practice together.

How long: One lunar cycle.


Begin your journey



“The New Moon Calendar Journal is a simple yet groundbreaking tool for aligning with inner and outer cycles, tracking daily health and wellness, and bringing your intentions to life.”

~April Miller McMurtry, The Moon Is My Calendar

The first 30 people to join Mothering With The Moon will receive a 2019 print copy of The New Moon Calendar Journal, my favorite go-to tool for deepening my lunar practice. Value, $32~



Mariah, you’ve made such an impact on my true self. I feel such a sense of understanding and belonging with this group. I am looking forward to Mothering with the Moon - I have found the moon journal to be an awesome source of peace and reflection, I really resonate with the moon cycles and look forward to exploring that more in relation to family values and relationships.

~ Kelly K.

Mariah carries a deep wisdom and with that comes the kind of compassionate witness we all need. I am a better mother, wife, friend and person after circling with Mariah.

~ Rebecca Villariel

Mariah is creates and holds a sacred circle for parents-even virtually! I always felt supported and heard and walked away with practical tools to practice with my family.

~Gioia Marchese


Are you feeling this, too?

Craving a conversation that merges the nitty-gritty of everyday motherhood with the divine?

A way to infuse the daily grind of a full mom-life with more meaning and nature-tied rhythm?

Join us for Mothering With The Moon. We begin just as the seasons are shifting and our focus is turning back inward to tend the hearth fires.


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